The Story of Dream

Dream marks the fulfilment of a long-held ambition for St.Helens.


The local community had yearned for something to fill the void left by the colliery since its closure, while the idea of a gateway public art feature was first articulated in 2003 in the Borough's private sector led regeneration strategy.


Six years on and Dream has not only become a reality, drawing thousands of new visitors and both popular and critical acclaim, but has also been the star of a prime-time Channel 4 TV series and been nominated for the prestigious Marsh Sculpture Prize, awarded to the best public sculpture of the year.




There have been challenges and hurdles along the way, but ultimately Dream is a triumph, a stunning visual feast, and a spectacular object lesson in the "art of the possible", demonstrating what can be achieved when committed people with a shared vision work together towards a common goal.


The following sub-sections chart the story of Dream...